What are pharmaculturalists?



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    It seems that “pharamaculturalist” is synonymous with “permaculturalist.”  Permaculture is the system of design that provides for sustainability in human activities.  It supports people’s need to learn about green housing, agriculture, rebuilding ecosystems, utilizing rainwater, and much more.  So, a permaculturalist (or pharmaculturalist) would be someone who has extensive knowledge about sustainable living and design.

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    Do you mean permaculturalist? I am not sure what a pharmaculturalist is, but if you mean permacultralist I can help. The definition of permaculture in the dictionary is: a system of cultivation intended to maintain permanent agriculture or horticulture by relying on renewable resources and a self-sustaining ecosystem. Thus, Permaculturalists are people who work in the agricultural industry to help maintain agriculture and horticulture with sustainable resources.

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