What are people’s opinions on the ebook/Kindle format vs. traditional book debate?



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    From an environmental standpoint, I would say that the Kindle is overwhelmingly superior than paper books, for fairly obvious reasons.  Going paperless is a huge step that can be taken to save trees, aside from being fundamentally more efficient.

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    I think after having an 8 hour job where you can be staring at a screen all day, the last thing I want to do is look at another screen when I am reading for enjoyment. I know the Kindle screens are much easier on the eyes, but I am sick of screens for everything. I think the condition and look of a physical book gives it character. It’s like how sentimental a hand-written letter is verses an email. I understand they are better for the environment and are typically less expensive, but I like to hold something when I am reading and turn a page. A book will never run out of power while I am reading it, either. 

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    I have heard great things about the kindle and it being a low power usage device, but I tend to agree with eblairbryant. I like the physical sensation of holding a book and turning the pages. Have you ever read Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury? If you read that book, you’ll understand what I mean. I also like how you can pass favorite books from one person to another. I have given a few of my favorite books to close friends, and it is so much more personal than sending it as an e-gift. However, I do like the fact that we can order real new and used books online. I ordered a copy of my favorite cookbook and sent it to my best friend as a high school graduation gift. The cookbook itself was printed in the 1970’s and 1980’s, so the Internet was a great tool for tracking down the exact same book.

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    I agree with  eblairbryant‘s point on staring at a screen all day. My eyes are tired from working in front of a computer all day, so I like to take a break from the screen. Personally, I like the feel, smell of paper. It makes reading feel real. Books are more affordable. I tend to focus better on paper than on a screen. The production of a e-reader is not exactly more environmentally friendly than that of a book because of the use of heavy metals, chemicals and other materials. New models of e-readers are always coming out, so that encourages people to stop using their old one and buy the new one constantly, creating more electronic waste. E-readers don’t last forever either like all electronics. 

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