What are people doing right now to stop the oil spill?



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    There are four different methods used to clean up oil spills. Which one they use depends on what type of oil was spilled. Sometimes, they just leave the oil alone so that it can break apart naturally. They can also surround the spill with booms and then collect the spilled oil using skimmer equipment. Two other methods used include introducing dispersants to speed up the biodegration, or introduce biological agents such as fertilizer to speed up the process.

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    Unfortunately right now not much is successfully being done to actually stop the oil spill.  BP has attempted to lower a large box on top of the rig in order to contain it.  They have also thrown around the idea of shooting debris, i.e. golf balls, at the hole in order to try and seal it.  Many have said that the oil rig should be blown up so that it can no longer function to pump the oil into the Gulf.  It seems that right now more debate is happening than actual results.

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    The oil gusher was not at the deepwater horizon to begin with, that was hollywood “mainstream media” putting on a show at a well that was abandoned a LONG time ago.  You see, there is a sefloor fracture approx 6-10 miles from DWH that is continuing to gush oil while being dispersed at the source of gusher with corexit 9500 (antifreeze, propylene glycol) allowing the oil to mix with water.  This is creating a growing oil plume that is effecting the gulf stream, a part of the thermohaline circulation, and will more than likely create a man-made ice age.  Google “Australia white christmas” and take note, that time of year is their summer when everyone is taking finals getting ready for surfing, enjoying the great outdoors, etc. 

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