what are people doing to help the environment



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    It really depends.  Some people aren’t doing anything.  Many recycle.  Others have compost piles.  More and more people are becoming vegetarians and vegans.  Driving less and carpooling more is becoming trendy.  People do what they can – some more than others.  But even the littlest change helps!

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    Some people do very little to help the environment. Some get positions in the environmental field to influence companies and legislation to improve environmental health. Some start or join non-profit groups that do all different activities, such as plant trees, buy land to protect species, help people find uses for old furniture and other waste, and many more great initiatives. People can do a lot individually, such as buy products that are better for the environment and have less packaging, carpool, walk or bike over driving, educate themselves and others, use less and/or more efficient energy, and recycle. There are many things people can do!

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