what are other ways we can treat nuclear waste?



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    There are a number of things we can and do with nuclear waste, unfortunately most of the solutions are – in one form or another – simply burial chambers either under ground or at sea. There are a couple of interesting things we have tried and somewhat successfully as well. Like Synroc, which is synthetically created rock out of the waste. By storing it in a solid, as opposed to liquid, form is a much safer way to keep it from entering the environment. There is also, “Nuclear transmutation is the conversion of one chemical element or isotope into another, which occurs through nuclear reactions. Natural transmutation occurs when radioactive elements spontaneously decay over a long period of time and transform into other more stable elements. Artificial transmutation occurs in machinery that has enough energy to cause changes in the nuclear structure of the elements.” Outside of these and the new E.Coli ideas there is not much, and even these systems are far from perfect. Unfortunately, burying has by far been the most used and continues to be so.

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