What are organic tampons made of?



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    The tampons natracare sells are made of 100% certified organic cotton. They are non-chlorine bleached and do not contain rayon. Check out the link for more information.  

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    Conventional tampons are commonly made from rayon that is treated with hazardous chlorine bleaches that result in dangerous chlorinated toxins being released into the environment.

    Overtime, these chlorinated toxins can accumulate in the environment. According to the EPA, exposure to minute levels of dioxin, which is a chlorinated toxin, can result in immune system malfunctions, altered endocrine hormone activity, and studies have show a direct link between dioxin exposure in the environment and cancer, birth defects, and reproductive disorders.

    Organic cotton tampons contain 100% pure cotton grown without pesticides and not bleached with chlorine. Plus, they work just like conventional tampons.

    If every woman of menstruating age replaced one 16-count package of regular applicator conventional cotton tampons with organic cotton tampons, like those made by Seventh Generation, we could prevent 17,000 lbs of pesticides from polluting our rivers, lakes and streams. Now, consider that the average woman will buy more than 11,000 tampons in her lifetime.

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