What are old televisions turned into when they are recycled?



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    Different parts of the television are used for different things. The plastics and safe metals are recycled and used for a multitude of things in industrial production lines. The electronic parts that still work can be used to refurbish other electronics, which are then resold. The hazardous materials, such as lead and chromium, are either reused or properly disposed of.

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    Sorry to disagree with the above person.  Show me a company that takes the TV plastics and molds the plastics into anything?????? The way you know this, is no TV manufacturer has recycled plastic content in his new housings. In fact, virtually no plastics from any electronics are recycled into any other plastic parts.  The favorite recycling method for plastics is burning.  Its low cost, and it never comes back. I also doubt someone could show me an old TV part put back into use.  The entire TV is generally shredded destroying everything. But what do I know 801 973 4774

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