What are the odds of a fully-binding treaty resulting from the Copenhagen climate summit?



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    It is very unlikely that a binding treaty which includes the amount of emission cuts from the developed world will come out of the climate summit.

    This is largely due to the unwillingness of the United States to agree to any treaty until at least next year. The United State’s decision is significant because it is a world leader because of its economic and political power, but in the case of climate change the US is responsible for contributing the largest amount of green house gasses; more than any other country. This makes the cooperation of the US particularly significant when it comes to negotiations in Copenhagen.

    Importantly, documents have been leaked which show the US and other developed countries engaging in secret talks to the exclusion of developing nations. By being a party to these secret negotiations, the US is engaged in actively undermining the democratic process of the meeting itself.

    Such actions by this group of developed countries and the US unwillingness to agree to significant emission reductions seems to justify people’s fears the summit will not produce a meaningful agreement.




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