What are the negative side-effects of birth control?

Other than weight gain, that is.



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    As with any medication there is always the chance of having side effects. When taken correctly birth control can be up to 99.9% effective. The most common side effects for birth control are: headaches, dizziness and breast tenderness, nausea, decreased libido, and mood swings. You should consult your doctor for more information about potential side effects of birth control.

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    Birth contorl can affect your period cycle and change it to become irregular. There are different types of birth control so be sure to read the medication that your doctor provides for you. Like what cox01 said you can become dizzy, nauseous, moody and headaches. 

    Also did you know that when your on your birth control your urine effects the gender of a fish. When your urine is ingested by a fish; it can mess up their gender and they may stop reproducing. So if you really love to eat fish, be sure to use that towards your decision with birth control. 🙂

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    Unlike what jchang14 said, birth control can actually make your period more regular. In fact, you can decide when you want your period to occur by choosing when to take which pills. Birth control tends to include a placebo phase during which you can expel your uterine lining. My doctor said that most women choose to have their periods on weekdays rather than on weekends so that they can enjoy the weekends with their significant others. The side-effects vary depending on which type you take.

    As cox01 said, definitely consult your doctor to see if it is right for you and to figure out the correct dosage for your body weight. My doctor said that some forms of birth control can even cause you to grow facial hair, so I opted for one that didn’t do that. However, the side-effects that I do notice include temporary weight gain from water retention, decreased libido, and vaginal dryness. Aloe Vera gel is a great way to combat vaginal dryness.

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    Some side effects can include menstrual period irregularity during the first couple months. Weight gain (usually around 5 pounds), it can take a longer period of time to get pregnant after getting off the pill due to the thinning of the uterine lining. As jchang14 mentioned, unfortunately, sewage treatment plants cannot filter out a lot of the hormones from birth control contained in urine, so that has had some negative impacts on aquatic species. 

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    ditto to all of the above answers. Also, birth control affects how your body metabolizes a lot of key vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, B vitamins and can even disrupt the natural gut flora balance in your stomach. All of these imbalances can lead to increased susceptibility to anxiety, depression and fatigue which are also other side effects of the pill. Thus its very important to eat a balanced diet when on the pill, and to supplement your diet with a good multivitamin. Birth control supplies your body with synthetic estrogen resulting in estrogen dominance. Over time, this can lead to breast cancer, heart disease or stroke in some people. There are the more severe and long term side effects of brith control. If you can get by with a low dose estrogen birth control pill, this is the more ideal situation. Also, once you are on the pill for a while and you stop, it can take up to a year for your body to reregulate itself, so its important to consider this when starting the pill.

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