What are the negative aspects of solar energy?



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    The negative aspects of solar energy currently have to do with cost, size/bulk, and energy production/availability. Most of the solar power panels are bulky and require a considerable area for maximized production. Some people do not like the extensive panels for the neighbors to see. Solar panels only work when there is bright sunlight. These do not produce any power in case of bad weather, rains or foggy days. But if you build your own residential solar power system, you can add better features of built in energy storage for extra energy. You can integrate the feature with a grid so that you can use the extra power on days when there is limited or no sunlight. Cost of solar energy production will likely go down as it becomes more popular for home owners.

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    To elaborate some of the points already mentioned, a poor selling point for solar panels as of right now is that they’re quite inefficient when it comes to converting sunlight into electricity. According to howsolarworks.1bog.org, most solar panels are only about 11-15% efficient in the regard of energy conversion, which is why so many panels are needed to generate substantial power for use. A huge amount of panels means more room must be allocated for them; special care must be taken in places like deserts to not disturb the ecosystem with their presence. More efficient panels are being developed, with some rated at 40% efficient, but these are very expensive at the moment. Soon solar panels will come down in price, become more efficient per panel, and become an everyday component of buildings (like doors, windows, heaters, etc.).

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