What are the negative affects of jogging alongside a busy city street?

Specifically, would you be inhaling products from passing vehicles that are unhealthy for you?



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    Your hunch is absolutely correct. Exaust from automobiles is more highly concentrated near its source– namely roads. Additionally, there is always the added danger of a car leaving the roadway and striking you if your too close. Personally, I try to do trail running whenever possible to avoid these two major risks. Good luck!

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    Pollution is a problem in cities, so you’re right about that.  It’s also not easy to jog around all the people on the streets.  Most cities have great parks — they’re wonderful for working out in.

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    Going off the previous answers, yes the exhaust is bad to inhale. This not only makes your workout much harder, it is reversing a lot of the positive effects of it. Most cities have parks that are much more enjoyable and safer to work out in- the likelihood of getting hit by a car is much smaller. Typically the air quality is better too. Also, if you are interested, there are often running groups that meet to run together through parks and motivate each other.

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    I agree that jogging on a busy city street might cause some health impacts because of the bad air quality. Breathing in the car exhaust can damage your lungs and respiratory system. This can lower your fitness. It can impact your skin, hair, irritate your eyes too. Exposure to it can have a permanent impact on your health. 

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    What’s worse is that when you are jogging your lungs are more open than usual, because when exercising your are actually breathing more. Your respitory system is closely connected to your bloodstream and muscles, so just imagine the polluted air you are breathing circulating through your body. The worse the exhaust will be for you the older the cars driving on the road, because new regulations have greatly reduced the pollutant emissions from cars in recent years. 

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