What are natural/eco-friendly acne cures?



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    GreenYour.com provides a list of things to look for and avoid when greening your acne treatment.  First, avoid benzoyl peroxide – it damages both your skin and the environment.  Also avoid petroleum-based salicylic acid and opt for plant-based ingredients instead.  You should also look for acne treatment products with an organic label and that do not practice animal testing.  Some specific recommendations are Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick, JASCO Organic Balance Acne-Fighting Kit and Nuture My Body Acne Serum.

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    Tea tree and the neem plant are extremely helpful in combatting acne. Both can be found in oils, creams, cleansers and masks. Himalaya Herbals makes some wonderful eco-friendly acne solutions!

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