What are natural ways to get rid of a fever?



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    Some people opt to “sweat it out” by bundling themselves up, however, this is not recommended. Doctors usually prefer you to cool down. Placing an icepack on your forehead is one way and you can also soak a clean washcloth too. Sucking on a popscicle is also another way – you can opt to make your own homemade pops. Another way is to take a lukewarm bath – not too hot or too cold. Always take plenty fluids!!! Gatorade is one that is always recommended I find.

    You can also drink ginger – it’s known to cure fevers naturally. So make ginger tea.

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    a fever is one of your body’s first line of defenses against an illness/cold, so it’s actually recommended to let the fever run its course so that your body can take care of whatever it needs to do without outside interference. With that said, fevers over 102 degrees or lasting for longer than three days needs medical attention. Also, if your fever is accompanied by difficulty breathing, convulsions or a lot of discomfort its good to consult a medical professional as well. The recommendations mentioned in the answer above are great natural ways to break a high fever.

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