What are natural methods for whitening teeth?



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    Grapes are natural teeth whiteners, along with the inner rind of an orange. If you take the inner rind and rub it on your teeth once a day you should see a significant reduction in the amount of stains on your teeth. Also, while not exactly a whitening agent, apples can help to clean your teeth and is in essence a natural tooth brush.

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    A lot of people will say that a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice will whiten teeth.  This is true, but it’s only true because lemon juice and baking soda wear away your tooth enamel due to the abrasiveness and acidity of the mixture, making your teeth weaker and more vulnerable to cavities and chips.  

    A better option would be to add more crunchy fruits and vegetables to your diet.  These foods are abrasive enough to lift stains, but not abrasive enough to wear down your enamel.  You could also try eating a small amount of cheese after a meal.  Some evidence suggests that this promotes enamel re-mineralization.  

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