What are natural methods of getting rid of my dog’s ticks?



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    I am presuming this question may be about fleas, as ticks are a once in awhile occurence. If in fact it is directed towards ticks, the best way to remove them is using sterilized tweezers. Ticks can range in size from a pencil point to the size of a bean when engorged. Using the tweezers, grasp the tick at the site of attachment. Do not squeeze the tick, as this may force it to inject bacteria and disease back through the skin site. Pull the tick straight, and slowly off. Try not to detach the body from the head. If we are discussing fleas, there is a natural pesticide called Diatomaceousearth. It is a type of chalky algae. You dust it all over the dog. The particles cause the fleas to dehydrate and die.

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