What are nanofibers?



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    Nano is one of the cool new words in science and technology.  Nano means 10^-9, or in length, one millionth of a millimeter. Nano fibers are very small fibers which can be used for things like dusting products, filters and clothing.

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    Nanofibers are classified as having a diameter of less than one micron, although the National Science Foundation (NSF) defines nanofibers as having at least one dimension of 100 nanometer or less. The name derives from the scientific maeasurement unit, nanometer. Nanofibers are used for several applications including medical, filtration, barrier, wipes, personal care, composite, garments, insulation, and energy storage. 

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    Nanofibers are defined as fibers with diameters on the order of 100 nanometers. They can be produced by interfacial polymerization and electrospinning. There are many potential applications ranging from medicine to protective materials. 

    Here is a list of potential applications. 

    • Medical: Artificial organ components, Tissue engineering, Implant material, Drug delivery, Wound dressing, Medical textile materials.
    • Protective materials: Sound absorption materials, Protective clothings against chemical and biological warfare agents, Sensor applications for detecting chemical agents.
    • Textile: Sport Apparels, Sport Shoes, Climbing, Rainwear, Outerwear Garments, Baby Diapers.
    • Filtration: HVAC system filters, HEPA, ULPA High efficient filters, Air, oil, fuel filters for automotive, Filters for beverage, pharmacy, medical applications.
    • In one study, combined neural stem cells with carbon nanofibers triggered neural tissue regeneration in the brains of rats that had suffered a simulated stroke.[citation needed] On their own, neither nanofibers nor stem cells could heal the rats.
    • Napkins with nanofibers contain antibodies against numerous biohazards and chemicals that signal by changing color (potentially useful in identifying bacteria in kitchens).
    • In wound healing nanofibers assemble at the injury site and stay put, drawing the body’s owngrowth factors to the injury site.
    • Donaldson develops nanofiber filter media for new air and liquid filtration applications, such asvacuum cleaners.
    • Dye-sensitized solar cell
    • Pigments for cosmetics
    • Energy: Li-ion batteriesPhotovoltaic cellsMembrane Fuel Cells.
    • Carrier materials for various catalysts
    • Photocatalytic air/water purification
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