What are nanodiamonds used for?



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    Nanodiamonds are being utilized in the medical field. They have been found to enhance the clarity of MRI imaging. Since it has already been shown that they are good for drug delivery, this can be used to better track the deliverability and location of the drug.

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    There are many commercial products available that are based on nanodiamonds 

    1 Lapping and polishing

    2. Additives to engine oils

    3. Dry lubricants for the metal industry

    4. Reinforcing fillers for plastics and rubbers

    5. Additives to galvanic electrolytes.

    In medicine, nanomaterials can shuttle chemotherapy drugs to cells without producing the negative effects of today’s delivery agents. 

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    Diamonds are also incoporated into saw blades and drill bits to cut or drill through very hard materials.

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