What are the names of scrap metal recycling companies in Las Vegas, NV?



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    There are a couple of scrap metal recycling companies in Las Vegas. One of them is called silver dollar recycling and they have been in the recycling business over 25 years. They are buyers of scrap metal, automobiles, and cardboard. Here is the link to their site: http://www.sdrlv.com/


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    SA Recycling is the Largest Scrap Metal Company in Nevada. They have 3 locations Address:                  5850 N. Nellis Blvd 89115 (702) 643-7711 >>5001 Copper Sage 89105 (702) 644-6155 and west of the LV strip is the 3rd yard  @ 1701 Western Ave. 89102 (702) 386-9575                                                                                http://www.sarecycling.com the Buyer is deal with is Saul Haro Jr. (702) 461-7691                                               he can answer all your questions about Recycling. Hope this helps…                              


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    Saul is a first class guy.  you must be related to his past employment that he left for greener pastures.  I have found him to be extremely honest with me in his buying of material.  It’s amazing what can be said on the internet!

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      We have tried to sell our material to Saul @ SA but he would constantly quote a high price, but would always pay lower. He would always try to lower the catagory of recyclables to pay us less. Saul must have written the comment above

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