What are the most viable ways of fixing/eliminating landfills that already exist?



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    I’d say closing them. 

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    Many landfills produce things that we can still use before trying to “fix or eliminate” them – notably, methane gas. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in fact, already has a program to harvest methane gas from landfills, which produce methane naturally in large quantities from the breakdown of organic substances. See link below for more information.

    Still, while salvaging otherwise wasted methane would be to in a sense recycle the organic materials of landfills, there are a lot of other things in them that will not biodegrade, especially plastics. It is far from clear that there is anything positive to be done with waste plastic that cannot be recycled. Wherever we put it, it will cause environmental degradation. If not in landfills, then where else?

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