What are the most unusual animals in the rainforest?



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    Make a try at defining “unusual”, and you get into interesting territory. People enjoy putting labels on things, rating them, so you get books such as The Guinness Book of World Records, which record what is the biggest, fastest, oldest, etc.

    But those labels and records don’t necessarily mean unusual in an ecological sense, or an aesthetic sense, or … any many other kinds of senses.

    For ecologists, for example, sometimes “unusual” is a bad thing! We don’t want rare Snow Leopards! We want lots of them!

    I enjoy looking at the pictures of rainforest frogs and orchids on calendars. And of course, the photographers take pictures of the unusual and interesting ones that will sell calendars. So those are “unusual” in one sense, too.

    If you’re interested in animals that do unexpected things, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Very many animals have some little quirk that makes them interesting. In fact, ecologically, that’s to be expected — species need to find “niches” where they do things in an unusual way.

    And what you want is an author that really knows his subject, and knows how to write. One day a book caught my eye in the bookstore. It was so nicely printed, and so well-written, I thought … what the heck. Omg, I couldn’t believe it! It took me hours, but I read the whole thing. The topic? Ants! Unfortunately that book is expensive on Amazon, but other books by that same author Edward O. Wilson — who turned out to be famous — don’t cost too much. That’s the first link, below.

    Another author who will just give you one “omg” after another is Jeffrey Masson. And the book of his I especially recommend is When Elephants Weep. You’ll be amazed at many of the stories. You can get that one just for the price of shipping and handling. I.e., like 4 bucks.

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    Every rainforest is biologically rich and therefore is home to numerous species. Many of us are use to animals such as cows, chickens, ducks, green frogs, dogs, cats, skunks, etc. The rainforest consists of animals people would not usually see on a daily basis. Here are just some of the “unusual” and “unique” animals.

    1. Glass frog. The glass frog has a translucent abdomen. The heart, liver and intestines can be seen through the abdomen. There are 134 different species of glass frogs and 60 of those different species are endangered. The glass frogs tends to be 1.4 centimeters to 3 centimeters. These frogs can be found in Cental America and South America. 

    2. Pink Dolphin. The Pink dolphin is also known as the Amazonian River Dolphin. The dolpins thrive in the river systems in South America and has a hump on its back. Yes, the dolphin is pink and many can be as pink as flamingos are. 

    3. Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko. The gecko resembles popular culture’s depiction of satan. Native to Madagascar, the gecko is delicate and does not do well with change and so change to their natural habitat meant endangerment to the gecko’s whole existence. 

    4. The Blue Bird of Paradise. Native to Papua New Guinea, the male birds hang upside down and spread their wings to show off their beautiful feathers in order to attract a mate. The female birds are known to be very picky and only mate with males with the finest feathers. 

    Those are just a few animals that make the rainforest their home.  If you want to learn more about the creatures of the rainforst please visit this site.





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