What are the most sustainable shoes?



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    Macbeth footwear is a vegan shoe. Which means no animal products have been used to create the shooe, along with the materials are produced under sustainable practices.

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    Terra Plana makes fantastic sustainable shoes including 99% recycled sneakers. Treehugger.com has great stuff to say about them.

    Simple Shoes also make their shoes from mostly recycled materials.

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    So in addition to being largely vegan and hideously trendy, Toms Shoes donates one pair of shoes to a child in need for every one pair of shoes that you purchase. Its all pretty transparent, and much more involved with the mission. (You know some places like…donate 5 cents for every $50 you spend…please.) And, oh, look, there are little kids in developing countries running around in these hipster shoes. Weird.

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