what are the most sustainable fabrics and is there any natural way to waterproof?

i want to make a crib mattress for my daughter and i want an organic sustainable fabric for the outside, but i also need a way to waterproof it…any suggestions?



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    Some of the most sustainable fabrics include:organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and linen. And yes these organic sustainable fabrics can be waterproof. 

    Here is a link to an article that provides information about clothing lines and companies that make organic fabric:


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    abby11223 is correct about the kind of organic fabrics available, but you don’t have to rely on commercial products in order to waterproof your material. There are homemade recipes available in the link provided below.

    Wax is recommended as the easiest, most natural waterproofing substance, but has some drawbacks: it changes the look of the material, it’s hard to get onto certain fabrics, and it loses its waterproofing power over time.

    Another recipe involves a mixture of turpentine (there are organic turpentines, derived from tree sap, available) and soybean oil.

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