What are the most pronounced cases of species that “play” with their food before eating them?



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    I know that killer whales like to “play” with seals before they eat them by flipping them around with their tails. There is not really an explanation to why they do it, but it has been captured on video many times, which makes it seem like this is something they do on the regular.

    Cats will also “play” with their prey to tire it out in order to reduce the risk of injury to itself, but it is not actually playing in the human sense. It is simply doing the job that its instincts tell it must do in order not to starve, and protecting itself in the process. If the prey is lively, the cat could suffer a serious bite that might become infected and lead to death. Only when the prey is sufficiently tired and dazed is the cat able to make the kill.

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      yea I saw some videos on the killer whales that play with seals! Whats really strange is when they put them back on shore afterwards, dazed, probably hurt some but alive…

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