What are the most popular green New Year’s resolutions?



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    Here are a couple taken from blogs and other environmental websites:

    1. Buy locally made and grown products. They usually require less packaging and eliminate the environmental costs of long-distance transport. The added bonus is that local fruits and vegetables are often fresher, and locally produced goods help support your own community.

    2. Compost leaves and garden trimmings. The compost will improve your garden soil while reducing waste.

    3. If possible, find a carpool partner to share your daily commute. Carpooling helps reduce air pollution and traffic congestion. It could mean room for more trees if less land is needed for highways!

    4. Choose seafood that’s good for you and the ocean. Did you know that wild salmon from Alaska comes from a well-managed fishery and is a much better choice than conventional farmed salmon?

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    I think that simple New Year’s resolutions are the easiest to follow.  This could include things such as giving up bottled water, clothes dryers, paper towels, or dry cleaning. These are all changes that are easy enough to stick with throughout the entire year.

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    I think a lot of people, when deciding to have a greener lifestyle, say to themselves that they won’t use their car as much. Taking public transportation or walking places is an easy solution.

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