What are the most polluted bodies of water in the world?



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    Onondaga Lake in New York is said to be the most polluted lake in the United States, and was a site of domestic and industrial waste disposal for many years. 

    As far as Europe, the Sarno River is said to be the most polluted river there.  It contains sewage, untreated agricultural waste, industrial waste, and a number of chemicals.

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    The Mississippi river is the most polluted river in the US.  Starting in Minnesota and running to the Gulf of Mexico there are ten states implicated in adding pollution to its stream.

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    Based on opinion the most polluted body of water in the world are Asian rivers, specifically the Citarum River.  There literally isn’t a square foot of river that does not have some sort of debris covering it.  Follow the link and you can see the pictures.  

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