What are the most important environmental issues we face?



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    Well, this is purely a matter of perspective. I would say that global warming is the most important environmental issue we face. Not only is it heating our planet at an alarming rate, which is uncomfortable for us, it is also cause some serious problem. It’s causing climate change in very sensitive places such as the Arctic. In a recent study it was found that Polar Bears are near extinction simply due to the fact that the ice in the Arctic is melting so fast that they cannot swim between between ice platforms and are either drowning or becoming hypothermic and dying. Glaciers all around the world are melting rapidly and causing water shortages in rural India and China, just to name a few. 

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    This may be a matter of perspective, but I will list off some of the most discussed environmental issues we face.  Biodiversity, the variety of species on earth, is a constantly dwindling number which effects all aspects of the environment.  As we continue to destroy our environment, we lose many varieties of species which can have a negative chain effect on other species and ecosystems.  Biodiversity is negatively impacted by climate change and global warming, both human induced phenomenon.  As humans are typically the cause of environmental problems, we must look at over-population as a serious concern as well.  Furthermore, our obsession with energy and the means we use to get it is a serious environmental concern as well.

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