What birds are the most important to the environment?



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    While different birds have different purposes and ways of life, all bird species are important for the well-being of the environment.  Biodiversity of animals is important in keeping the earth’s eco-systems healthy.  In recent years, there have been studies regarding the numbers of different bird species, and conclusions have been drawn that show that numbers are decreasing drastically in certain common species. 

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    It’s hard to describe wildlife in terms of “transfer value” or “exchange value,” since that seems to be one of the reasons we’ve exploited the environment as much as we have, and it might be better to think of birds and wildflowers and seals and things as just intrinsically important.  Having said that, it’s certain that some species are more instrumental than others in human and ecosystem survial.  Pollinating birds like hummingbirds, honeyeaters, and honeycreepers are the sole polinators of a number of key plants: salvia, coral trees, hibiscus, day lillies, trumpet creepers, and zinnia.

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