What are the most decayed/abandoned modern cities in the world?



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    Detroit is a great example of a once booming, industrial, city that has now fallen to decay and near abandonment in some part. Detroit has the highest metropolitan unemployment rate in America, at 17%. Since the decline began in the 1950’s, Detroit’s population has decreased by half. Crime and vandalism are huge problems now that most of the population has sprawled out to the suburbs, leaving the innercity nearly empty.

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    Detroit definitely fits this description. If you drive through parts of the city, it looks like you’re in a developing country or a place that’s just been ravaged by war. In other places, it’s so overgrown that it looks like nature’s taking over. However, depictions of Detroit are typically negative, but there are neighborhoods throughout the city that are actually doing quite well, with community development and rising populations. These include the Midtown and New Town areas near the universities and medical centers.

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