What are the most deadly seas?



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    The Indian Ocean is among the most deadly due to its warm temperatures that make it produce a large number of monsoons, tsunamis, and cyclones. The North Atlantic’s icebergs make it dangerous as well; the Bermuda Triangle is found in the western quadrant of the North Atlantic.

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    The Mediterranean Sea, in fact, is one of the most deadly seas for its aquatic life, ”United Nations Environment Programme has estimated that 650 million tons of sewage, 129,000 tons of mineral oil, 60,000 tons of mercury, 3,800 tons of lead and 36,000 tons of phosphates are dumped into the Mediterranean each year.” Though if you mean for us, the Arctic and Bering Sea that Discovery films them getting the crabs out of has to make the list with frigid temperatures that will only allow you to survive for several minutes. Though there are quite a number of seas that will kill you out from their cold: Amundsen Sea, Barents Sea, Greenland Sea, Kara Sea, White Sea, Weddell Sea, and the Ross Sea to name just some.

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