what are the most common types of rocks?



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    Basalt and variations make up much of the oceanic crust; granitic rocks form the underpinning of much of the continents. Older rocks of all types are metamorphosed into gneisses and schists which form the ancient cores of continents. Sedimentary rocks that overlie the others include sandstone, limestone, shale and others. The earth’s mantle is largely the rocks peridotite and eclogite and variations, so in terms of volume those are probably the most common in the earth. The rocks of the solid core is probably a rock made up mostly of nickel-iron. There are dozens of additional rock types.

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    Basalt is the most common type of rock found in the Earth’s crust. It forms from the melting of the upper mantle, which is the layer below the crust. Most of the oceanic crust is made of basalt. 

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