What are the most common types of caviar?



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    Sevruga Caviar is the most common and thus the least expensive.  Beluga Caviar is the rarest and most expensive of caviars and is traditionally harvested in Russia and Iran from the white beluga sturgeon.  Russia used to be number one in caviar production, but due to over-fishing of sturgeon they have suffered a significant decline in production and Iran is now producing the most caviar.

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    Caviar of pink salmon is the most common kind of caviar.  It is considered less bitter than other types and has a shiny orange color useful in the presentation of dishes.

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    There are three common types of caviar, and the popularity varies based on personal taste. Beluga is the most expensive and come from the largest Sturgeon fish. Osetra is also called “royal caviar” and is known for its strong flavor. Sevruga is the least expensive of the three and also comes from the smallest fish.

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    There are multiple varieties of caviar: Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga, farmed, American, Paddlefish, Hackleback and many others.

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