What are the most common tree in China?



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    Probably the Ginkgo (YIN HING).

    China appreciates a good street tree. Shade is a good thing in a place that is hot, and lots of China’s cities get hot. The communists in the early days were big on planting street trees.

    Common Street Trees:
    The Chinese Scholar Tree (Sophora japonica)
    The most common of the trees in Xi’an, a plaque stuck to one of the bigger specimens in the Muslim quarter calls it a Xi’an locust.

    Asian Plane Tree (Plantanus orientalis)

    Ginko (Ginko biloba)
    These are planted along one of the biggest streets in Xi’an (Nan da Jie).

    Red Bud (Cercis chinensis)
    Red buds can be found down some smaller streets.

    Many of these trees in Xi’an are quite big.

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