What are the most common kinds of trees in a temperature rain forest?



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    There are three main types of trees that grow in temperate forests: deciduous, coniferous and Broad-leaved evergreens. 

    Deciduous trees are the trees that lose their leaves in winter and grow them back again in summer. 

    Coniferous trees, in contrast, always stay green throughout the seasons. They grow their seeds in cones and slowly lose their pine needles (they don’t have leaves) throughout the year so that they never go bare all at once.

    Broad-leaved evergreens have flat leathery leaves with a waxy cover. They stay green all year and tend to grow in Australia, New Zealand, the Mediterranean and south west South America.  

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    The diciduous,conferious and the brosd-leaved evergreens are the three main types of trees in a temparature  rainforest

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