What are Mongolia’s “deer stones?”



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    They are very old large stones (megaliths) carved with pictures of flying deer, and are believed to have been created by Bronze Age nomads sometime around 1000 BC. Around 500 of them have been found, but their purpose and creators are still unknown.

    There are some differences amongst these stones: they usually have a circle at the top and a stylised dagger and belt at the bottom, but a few have human faces carved at the top.

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    Over 550 deer stones have been found in the northern Mongolian province of Hovsgol Aimag. Generally between one and three meters tall, the stones feature carvings of deer with antlers. The stones are often found around burial mounds called khirigsuur and have been dated to be approximately 3000 years old. Not much is known about the stones or their purpose, but efforts to help protect them from the harsh Mongolian climate and human vandalism have helped to ensure continued study of them.

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