What are monarch butterflies?



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    Monarch butterflies are a kind of milkweed butterfly famous (in North America, at least) for their long annual migration that lasts longer than their average lifespan. Though they are mostly at home in North America, they have been known to migrate to England and even Australia. They have orange wings with black around the edges and black veins, making them very easy to spot.

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    The Monarch butterfly is a migratory insect with beautiful orange, black, and white patterned wings.  Their wingspan is about four inches across and they usually weigh a little less than half an ounce, although males are larger than females.  The Monarch is famous for its long migration of up to 2,800 miles from as far away as Canada to central Mexico in autumn, travelling approximately 50 miles a day.  These delicate creatures are under threat as they lose winter habitat in Mexico, and efforts are in place by the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund to help protect this habitat.

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    The Monarch Butterfly is not yet endangered, but as aforementioned, its habitats are being threatened. Monarchs need oyamel trees to roost in during the winters, and with increasing deforestation, they have less trees to choose from. In fact, winter storms in 1992 and 1997 killed nearly 5-7 Monarchs.

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