What are microbes?



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    Microbes are just the nickname given to microscopic organisms.  They are the oldest form of life on earth and are an integral part of the worlds way of life.  They are invisible to the eye but are visible through the use of microscopes and include such common organisms as ecoli, mad cow, influenza, and malaria.

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    A microbe is a microscopic organism, also known as a microorganism. They are usually single-cell organisms (although there are some microscopic multi-cell microbes) that can range from viruses to fungi to bacteria and even sea animals such as plankton. They are found everywhere even in extreme environments.

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    Microbes are the tiny organisms that are too small to see under a microscope. They live everywhere: in air, soil, rock, and water. Also, some live happily in searing heat, while others thrive in freezing cold. While some microbes need oxygen to live, some do not.  

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