What are matress companies doing to make their product more green?



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    Well some are made with BioFlex Hybrid Foam.  

    It has lower dependancy on fossil fuels, its made partly from soy, so the product is renewable, and the product is actually quite durable. 


    [img_assist|nid=156364|title=BioFlex Foam|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=435|height=640]

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    Some companies also make their mattresses from all organic materials. These can be cotton, wool, and or natural latex. Most conventional mattresses are made with toxic chemicals and synthetic fabrics.

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    The Futon Shop manufactures natural organic futon mattresses and green futon mattresses by combining the most pure & natural elements inside organic futons to build the most comfortable & natural organic mattresses, sofa bed mattresses & futon mattresses.

    In accordance with Federal law, They use borate. But they will gladly omit the Borate in any mattress purchase order with a note from your doctor or chiropractor.

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