What are marsupials?



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    Marsupials give birth to live young, and after they are born they climb up their mother’s belly and into a pouch, which is like a pocket in the female’s body. The best known marsupials are the koala, kangaroo and possum.

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    Just to build on eliw92’s answer, the reason the marsupial young climb into their mothers’ pouches is because they are not yet developed; they have very short gestation periods, and therefore when born are akin to “helpless embryo[s]“. It is within their mothers’ pouches that marsupial babies will develop the most, staying inside for periods ranging from weeks to months. Also, although the opossum is now the only native marsupial in the US, there was a time when marsupial mammals actually outnumbered placental mammals.

    Thylacinus, the Australian marsupial wolf that became extinct in the 1950s

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