what are the marketing avenues a company can take with going green



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    It would depend on what kind of product they are trying to sell. You could explain sustainability and try to cater to the family man/woman about their childrens future. Also, people like products that make their lives easier, so explaining how it effects the environment and how it will help them.

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    A marketing avenue that companies should take when going green is expressing how they spend excess money in order to be green.  When many other companies in the field are not environmentally conscious, the companies that do spend extra time and money in order to be eco-friendly should let their consumers know.  They should advertise their environmental accomplishments on their homepage and explain how what they have done benefits everyone.  If they have gone above and beyond global, or federal, environmental standards let us know.  By simply showing that they are trying, they should gain a larger customer base.

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    I think a company ‘going green’ is definitely a marketable aspect of the business. I would put the ‘green’ initiatives at the forefront of the product you are selling. I find that far too often companies that follow sustainable business models often keep that information to a single ‘green info’ page on their website. I would suggest instead that you highlight the great steps you have taken in your marketing campaigns. The only thing to be wary of is peoples potential mistrust of your ‘green’ claims. Therefore, make sure you have facts of what you are doing to back up your marketing points.

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