What are manufacturers doing to improve the textiles industry?



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    One thing that Toyota began doing in the 1990’s was implementing the concept of lean manufacturing.  In lean manufacturing anything done in the company that is not put towards manufacturing the consumers product is considered waste.  The publication Lean Thinking defines waste in lean manufacturing to include,

    • Transport (moving products that are not actually required to perform the processing)
    • Inventory (all components, work in process and finished product not being processed)
    • Motion (people or equipment moving or walking more than is required to perform the processing)
    • Waiting (waiting for the next production step)
    • Overproduction (production ahead of demand)
    • Over Processing (resulting from poor tool or product design creating activity)
    • Defects (the effort involved in inspecting for and fixing defects)

    When these inefficiencies are eliminated in manufacturing, a company will be manufacturing optimally.  Not only that, but they will in turn reduce their environmental impact by addressing the former issues.

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