What are the major sources of genetic variation in sexual reproduction?

a. crossing over
b. shuffling of homologues during meiosis I
c. random fusion of gametes
d. A and B both contribute genetic variation.
e. A, B, and C all contribute genetic variation.



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    Crossing over is when two parts of a chromosome recombine, generally when they are connected at the centromere.  This will shuffle some of the genes on a chromosome.

    Shuffling of homologues during meiosis I means that when the diploid (2n) chromosomes pair up in the middle of the cell each half of a pair of chromosomes can go to either dividing cell.  For a diagram of meiosis I see the website in the citation.

    Random fusion of gametes means that when an egg cell and sperm cell come together it is random which egg will fuse with which sperm.

    Since random events help to create genetic variation, you should now be able to figure out the correct answer.

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