What are the main sources of air pollution caused by factory farms



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    I would probably have to argue that concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), where animals are confined on a massive scale and as a result produce so much manure and other wastes that can easily pollute and contaminate, is a main source of air pollution caused by factory farms. The wastes would most likely be thrown away in waterways, contaminating different sources of water for humans and animals. 

    Factory farms usually incorporate a large livestock farm as well, and these livestock farms can actually generate waste equivalent to a small city. For the statistics, click on this link:


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    Main source? Flatulent cows and hogs!

    In the U.S. alone, farms create 335 tons of manure. While decomposing, the manure produces Hydrogen Sulfide, methane, ammonia, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. This is the largest contributor to air pollution in factory farms.

    According to the EPA, agricultural industry contributes for 6 % of U.S. Contribution to global warming (2004).


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