What are the main reasons people do not have their children vaccinated?



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    There are two main reasons why people do not get vaccianted.

    1) they cannot afford it (probab;y means they do not have medical insurance)

    2) vaccines can be harmful because you are in effect giving yourself a milder strain of whatever virus you are being vaccinated from so your body can build up anti-bodies to that virus. Some people do not trust vaccinations for this reason.

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    There has been a lot of speculation and accusation that vaccines for children is leading to autism, or increased numbers of autism cases. This is the biggest reason I have heard of people being against vaccines. 

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    It is definitely a personal decision and should not be pushed on people. Some parents have a history of negative reactions, and do not want to risk it with their children. Also, vaccines are simply smaller forms of the virus, so you are putting it inside you with the hope you can kill it. Some people simply do not want to put harmful things into their body, especially if they are healthy. Moreover, viruses are ever changing and adapting, and there is no guarentee the vaccine you take will protect against the latest viral straing.

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    There are two types of parents who don’t vaccinate their children.  One type is the parent who cannot afford to keep up with their children’s recommended vaccinations and are thus financially unable to provide proper medical care for their children.

    The other type is the parent who chooses not to vaccinate their children due to a fear that vaccinations may make their child sick or could somehow cause autism.  The autism fear is entirely unfounded, as the study that linked vaccinations to autism has been debunked as fraudulent and entirely misinformed.  Parents who are frightened that vaccines will make their child ill believe that the mild, controlled dose of a virus could affect them negatively, even though the vaccine is likely to help protect against more dangerous strain.

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