What are the main objections to a single-payer health care system?



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    A couple big objections to single-payer health care include: health insurance companies would become extinct, eliminating thousands of jobs, which would yet again shock the economy (this is one of the reason Obama gave to nay-saying the single-payer health care, at least right now). Another objection is this “ideological aversion” to the government. 

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    One of the big objections is the disruption of the capitalist free-market system our country is founded on.  Any time the government regulates or takes over a private industry this concern is raised.  True Laissez-faire free market system lays on the idea that the government has no hand in private enterprise.  The problem with this is, do we allow industry to be detrimental to the greater good of society?  Or do we allow government help regulate industry if it is for the greater good?

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