What are the main human causes of food shortage?



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    Poor land management is the human cause of food shortage. Over-tilling, salt sowing and burning of crops such as in war can cause food shortage. If the nutrient-rich topsoil of agricultural land is lost, so is the high yield. Furthermore, crowing mass monocultures depletes the soil of particular nutrients and it also attracts more pest and disease. This is why monocultures take large amounts of pesticides to maintain themselves.

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    War, poor agricultural infrastructures and over-exploitation of the environment are human factors in food shortages and hunger.  In war, food supplies can be cut off to certain people, the goal is usually to starve the population into submission or ceasefire.  Poor farming practices, deforestation, overcropping and overgrazing increase the chance of good land becoming fallow, thus a decrease in food production.  Without a solid infrastructure to back up better practices, it becomes an endless cycle of hunger.

    Lastly, food shortage is simply caused by privilege.  In developing countries, farmers in poverty end up in a trap: they are unable to afford seeds to plant crops to feed themselves and others, thus remain poor and hungry.  Additionally, people in developed countries have the privilege of affording food that could probably feed thousands more than themselves.  Food is readily available to those who have the privilege and sources are short for those who do not have access.

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