What are the main factors that cause water pollution?



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    Some of the main causes of water pollution are sewage and waste water, marine dumping, industrial waste, radioactive waste, oil pollution, underground storage leaks, and acid rain. Most of these pollution sources can be prevented since they are human triggered. People, companies, and factories put a lot of garbage and other pollutants into the ocean believing it to be so big that it won’t make a difference.  But even just a little pollution goes a long way in an ecosystem so vast.

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    From my own experience, I believe that sewage is one of the biggest contributors to water pollution. I live in California, and each time it rains, there are warning signs posted at the beaches that the water is contaminated. A lot of my friends have even gotten sick from going in the water when it is polluted. Southern California has massive industrial rivers that flush out all of the rain water and sewage into the ocean. Obviously this can create many problems and more should be done to reduce the impact that this is having. 

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