What are the main causes of environmental degredation?



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    The main causes of environmental degradation are human activity. More specifically, human activity that has led to a lifestyle of consumption and convenience. We have historically sacrificed the well-being of the environment to gain faster transportation (pollution from cars) comfortable living conditions (waste from construction, fuels for heating and air conditioning) and the finer things in life (crop land to feed cattle for steak dinners, consumerism in general). In addition, population growth has played a huge role in degrading the environment. All said, the main cause of environmental degradation is ignorance on behalf of humans to the damage we are doing to a very delicate ecosystem in favor of pursuing unsustainable lifestyles.

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    A lack of education on the part of humans. Many people simply do not realize that their common activities may be bad for the environment. If they do realize, they do not understand why or how easy it would be to make changes. We must provide better education at all age levels.

    Education can be delivered in the schools where children can be encouraged to share the information with their parents. We can also use media like television and the Internet. Seminars and workshops could be set up in person or on the Internet for adults.

    We must educate people to take better care of the planet before it is too late.

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