What are the long term effects this heat wave and , more importantly, drought will have on the country?



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    Heat waves will continue to worsen with the increase of global warming.  The impact on most living things looks grim: it puts strain on plants, not just because of the higher temperatures, but also because of the droughts that accompany them.  It puts strain on the human body as well, which is why it is particularly dangerous for the elderly, the young, and the sick.  Farmers feel the affects of heat waves because it can wipe out their crops – which of couse, has an adverse affect on the economy, and of course, feeding people.  It puts strain on animals as well – much of their energy is devoted to just trying to survive the hotter temperatures.  Droughts, as I mentioned before, are dangerous also for amphibians like frogs.  It dries up the ponds in which many of them live and lay their eggs. 

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    Heat waves are a direct result of climate change. With climate change comes severe results and extreme weather conditions. Most of these weather conditions can lead to great amount of devastation and these increased heat waves should not be taken lightly.

    These heat waves are having lasting effects on many people exposed to the environment. Long term health risks are always coupled along with increased heat. These heat waves are also going to be persistent which means their damage will be greater in the coming years. Their increase in power is also linked to an increase of duration and frequency.

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    A long-term drought will impact water supply, which will then force farmers to change the way that they irrigate their crops. Over time, there might be less food readily available, and that food will probably cost more money, to reflect the supply and demand. This might be okay and ever positive, if farmers are able to adapt new water-saving principles and if the food is distributed equitably; or it could be disastrous and lead to wide-spread famine and hunger.

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    Enduring a sustained and serious drought is often irreparably bad for farmers. Not only do their crops die, the water supply is exhausted, and the ground/soil dries up. The drought in Kenya at present has literally altered fields of crops into cracked and dried parcels of land; it may be years before those lands are revitalized and able to support the growing of crops. We’re susceptible to the same thing in the U.S.: in Texas, a drought has rendered some fields useless and owners are abandoning large amounts of acreage.

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