What are the long term effects of climate change?



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    Some long term effects of climate change are mass species extinction, as well as loss of land mass. Animals like the polar bear and dying out fast due to extreme changes in their environment. Also, rising sea levels are leaving many people and animal species homeless. Even if we were to improve our environmental practices and sustainability, a lot of the damage has already been done and won’t be easy to fix. Here’s a link explaining why the polar bears are having such a hard time adapting to climate change. 

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    Drier soils in some parts of the world, floods in others, severe weather patterns, crop failures, drought, flooded coastal zones, wildfires, pest and disease outbreaks.  Many of these effects are already happening in 2011, such as the drought and wildfires in Texas, the damage to the corn crop from a Midwestern heatwave, and summer flooding in New York State.  Malaria and west nile virus are projected to spread across the southern United States as the climate heats up.

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