What are long term consequences of climate change?



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    This has been asked and discussed many times before. Look here for past answers, opinions, and responses. To sum them up, the Earth’s temperatures will rise 2 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 50 to 100 years, sea levels will rise, and many species will be threatened. But, really, click the link. Others go more in-depth.

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    The effects of climate change cannot be overemphasised. Apart from increasing the volume of some greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, plants and animals will find it difficult to adapt to the environment, pests and diseases will not only widen their range but also resist pesticides, ice caps in the polar regions will melt and increase the volume of water in the tropics.

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    In addition to the previous posts, climate change will also have social impacts. It is slated to cause what the UN is referring to as “climate refugees.” Climate refugees are people who will be displaced due to increasingly damaging storm systems, rising ocean levels, drought, famine, and disease. As the climate changes and becomes more unpredictable, food shortages might occur, and disease might increase. Climate change could have some very negative social consequences in addition to ecological consequences.

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